Hélène Dessales (Ed.)

The Villa of Diomedes

The making of a Roman villa in Pompeii

  29 agosto 2021

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  • Autor(i) : Hélène Dessales (Ed.)
  • Titolo completo del libro : The Villa of Diomedes
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Among the very first buildings excavated in Pompeii, between 1771 and 1775, the Villa of Diomedes is one of the most described and depicted by the travellers of the Grand Tour. Since 2012, a multidisciplinary program has been aimed at reconstructing its entire evolution, from the material fabrication of a Roman villa to its contemporary, imaginary one. It has involved identifying and modelling the different building processes that punctuated its life until the eruption of Vesuvius in 79, as well as the restorations that have transformed it from the end of the eighteenth century to the present day. History of excavations and restorations, construction archaeology, databases, geographic information system, geophysics, structural engineering, scientific imagery and 3D modelling: thirty-three contributions give an account of complementary views about the history of this singular villa, examined from a long-term perspective.

Hélène Dessales is lecturer in Archaeology at the École normale supérieure. She was a fellow of the École française de Rome and the Institut universitaire de France. She studies Roman architecture and building techniques, particularly in Pompeii where she leads various research programs.

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